Good, Honest, Local Food  

Taverna at the heart of local village life Taverna at the heart of local village life

Come and experience local food, cooked in a family setting in a village Taverna.

The surroundings are rural, the Taverna is in the centre of the village, and everything you eat is locally produced.

There is no formality - enjoy the simplicity of good cooking using the best local ingredients.

The locals eat here - you won't get a better recommendation...

Simply cooked for great taste Simply cooked for great taste

We are a village taverna and what we serve is good, honest local food.

Salads are fresh and crisp. Our Feta Cheese is dressed with olive oil and herbs.

Wait until you taste our grills. You will rediscover the pleasure of fresh food. Simply cooked - full of flavour.

If you want to try our seafood platter, we get the fish from the small local fishing boats that dock in Lixouri in the morning and it is on your plate the same day.

Try our squid, stuffed with cheese, grilled and served.

Of course we also prepare delicious local dishes such as the famous Kefalonian meat pie and mousaka.

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