If you are in Kefalonia, hire a car, and take the relaxing ferry trip from Agostoli to Lixouri. Then come and see this part of the island. Below are some links for places to visit.

Of course on the way call in to Angelos Taverna...


Myrtos Beach
Drive north from Lixouri, through Agios Dimitrios, on the way to one of the top ten beaches in the world

XI Beach
A red sand beach to the south of Agios Dimitrios

Drive south out of Lixouri and you will come to Lepeda with its rocks and soft sand

Petani Beach
Outstanding beach north of Agios Dimitrios. Several tavernas on the beach make this a must for an evening visit to have a late swim as the red sun touches the horizon.

South of Agios Dimitrios. A quiet unspoiled oasis of soft sand and sea.

Agia Eleni beach
Agia Eleni is the perfect beach. Unadvertised, hard to reach and utterly pristine, it has a 20-foot cliff from which you can dive, a second, smaller shore reachable only by wading or swimming, and schools of fish that follow you as you swim among its rocks


Ferry (Agostoli and Lixouri)
The views you get while on the ferry between Agostoli and Lixouri are fantastic. You may see the dolphins in the bay. Five minutes drive north of Lixouri - is our taverna.

The nearest 'big place' to Agios Dimitrios is Lixouri. This part of the island is quiet, often unadvertised, and waiting to be discovered.

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